Adaptec SCSI Card 19160


Key Features:

  • 160 MByte/sec performance
  • SpeedFlex™ technology SpeedFlex technology ensures top performance of all connected devices, regardless of SCSI generation
  • Seamless backwards compatibility protects legacy devices
  • Industry-leading compatibility, reliability
  • CRC (Cyclical Redundancy Checking) improves data integrity
  • Domain Validation intelligently verifies system configuration for improved reliability
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Complete List of Supported Operating Systems

✔External ports: 1x 50-pin SCSI

SCSI card-19160  Specifications

  • Main characteristics
    Manufacturer Adaptec
    Model ASC-19160
    Hardware type SCSI find similar controller
    Description Ultra160 SCSI controller for workstations with Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0
    Supports Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Configuration
    AIC-7892 chip
    Up to 15 supported devices
    BIOS Checklist
  • Interface, Connectors and Outputs
    Internal 68-pin HDCI LVD SCSI and 50-pin Ultra SCSI port (also supports Fast SCSI and SCSI-1 devices)
    External 1x 50-pin SCSI port (supports Ultra SCSI, Fast SCSI and SCSI-1 devices)
    PCI Interface
    160 Mbytes/sec interface bandwidth
  • Features
    12 meter maximum cable length
  • Logistics
    Shipping dimensions  29.2 x 19.6 x 8.3 cm
    Gross Weight  0.15 kg


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